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Beyond the Ivory Gate, 3/17/06, Thursday, 9PM Eastern: Blue Oyster Cult

History is a dream, here, in the realm of Imaginos. Access to the dream is not in order. In a dream there is no time but evermore. If there is no time, there is no order. In the saga of Imaginos, between the extremes of the beginning (Les Invisibles) and the end (Magna of Illusion), everything happens all at once. Without a sequence of events, there is a rush of events. The rush of events is horror. This is the key. Ultimately, rhythm is image, and image is rhythm. Ultimately, this myth is random access.

In honor of docwebster's birthday, I'll be doing my somewhat-annual Imaginos show, presenting a re-ordered and extended version of the out-of-print album-extraordinaire by Blue Oyster Cult.

Tags: blue oyster cult, radio show
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