Magik's Shadow (auryn29a) wrote in radionosferatu,
Magik's Shadow

Beyond the Ivory Gate: Helping Hands, Thursday at 9PM EST

Yes, this is a first. I have picked the theme and done a banner on a Monday! I've also revamped my page a little bit, made it pretty. Please click the banner and take a look. I've also made it easier to listen to the show. You just have to click on Jack In at the top of my page, and I promise it will work. You can even do it now to listen to the Radio Nosferatu playlist. While you're there, make a request.

Anyway, I guess I'm still somewhat in a Henson mood. This week's show is about helping people. Lending a hand. And groping Jennifer Connelly.

Do you know any songs about helping people?

Tags: radio show
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