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Beyond the Ivory Gate: Fly With It! Tonight at 9PM EST

I am in a Jim Henson mood today. I'm deep in thought about the art of creation of fantastic visions that inspire people. So tonight's show will focus on music by Jim Henson, his associates, and others songs share a similar theme of fantasy, irreverence, and love.

Do you have a favorite Muppet song?

Oh, and apologies to those who tried to tune in last week but were thwarted. Our illustrious producer, docwebster, forgot what day it was. He has prostrated himself before me and has asked me to be merciful in my wrath and I have listened to his pleas.

So I urge you to tune in tonight's show. Do not let his groveling be in vain.

Tune in on the main feed of Radio Nosferatu tonight at 9PM Eastern time.

"I believe that we form our own lives, that we create our own realities, and that everything works out for the best. I know I drive some people crazy with what seems to be ridiculous optimism, but it has always worked out for me."
            -Jim Henson
Tags: fraggles, muppets, radio show
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